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Interview with Christi Anna ---Interview done by Tianna Scott

Tianna: First let me say how much of a pleasure it has been to read your amazing series, Christi! Ive recommended them to all my friends and look forward to the rest of the series!

Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me. I had a blast! You may let your Kindle/Nook readers know, that if they would like to try the series, they can email me at and I will happily send them the free file of book one! If you think of anything else, just holler! Christi Anna

1) How did you first come up with the idea for your Thief Of Life series?

At the time I decided to write my first book, I began with a list of ideas that had plagued my head for years. ‘Emovamp’ or emotional vampire, was a concept I thought up more than ten years earlier, and now sat at the bottom of the list. Currently, I was dealing with someone in my life who literally left me feeling drained all the time. So, naturally, my mind gravitated toward the concept. Within a few days, I had written the profile of what an emovamp was, and so began the story . I will say though, when I started the series, it was only going to be a short story, which I fully intended to scribble out on a yellow notepad and then bury in the bottom of drawer, only to be found someday when I was eighty, by my grandkids, who would marvel that grandma wrote a love story!

2) How many books will be in the series and are you planning anything else for when the series is over?

The Chronicles of Daniela is planned at six books in length with a finale that, I know, will leave my readers screaming for more! So, naturally there will be another set of chronicles, which will follow someone else, but contain all of the back story (yes, I’ve already started it.), and, there may be an additional set of chronicles, which, again, will follow someone else, but contain all previous events. This is what happens when you suppress the mind’s desire to write for your entire life.

3) What inspired you to start writing?

I used to write short stories when I was younger, but after dropping out of high school, I felt I lacked the education to be a writer. I mean, face it, I didn’t understand half of what I read, let alone be able to write. People were bound to make fun of me. However, after the loss of three young friends, in a short amount of time, mommies just like me, it was then I suddenly realized I had things I wanted to mark off my “to do” list. Writing a book was at the top of that list. And just yesterday I was informed I’ve lost another young friend, one more reminder of how short life is, and to not put things off until tomorrow. Besides, I’m confident that if I write it, anyone can understand it!

4) Which character do you most relate to and why?

Probably Daniela. So much of what she deals with emotionally, I too have felt at one time or another. I think we all have to some degree. Sometimes, she is who I would like to be, especially during any of the kissing scenes. The painful chapters, not so much.

5) The main character went through a very traumatic event early in the first book, is that something that you or someone you know has personally gone through?

No, and thank God. It was actually based off of a nightmare I had once. I was probably twelve at the time. I don’t remember all of it, but certain images still haunt my mind from time to time. Perhaps writing those things into the books is my way of coping with what scares me.

6) What process do you go through as a writer when creating your characters and the type of world they live in?

Mostly, I just think of the real world. In my career (I’m a real life nail tech) I meet all types of people. I sit face to face with them for at least an hour or more per appointment, learning all about them. After eleven years in this field, there are certain personalities that POP! I choose those characteristics which stand out the most and use them to their full potential. Same thing with their surroundings.

7) What 5 words would best describe your series?

Emotional Rollercoaster Of True Love! Or, Sad, Funny, Mad, Shocking, Romantic. Like I said, Emotional Rollercoaster Of True Love!

8) If you were to try and persuade someone to read your books, what would you say?

Hello, I’d like you to meet Miles Chadwick. Or, PLEASE, PLEASE, read my books!!! >>Okay, seriously, I tell people all the time, this is the ultimate of love stories. I promise you will laugh, cry and scream at the book, but you will LOVE it! If that doesn’t work, I revert back to, “PLEASE, PLEASE, read my books!!”

9) Are your characters based on Real Life people and if so, Where can I find MILES?

Believe me, I get this question A LOT. The concept for Miles is somewhat based off of a cute attorney I once met (don’t remember his name) and just the basic (deep, personal) need to have a bad boy to lust after. I think most will agree the series would be nothing without him. If he is real, (and I’m not saying he isn’t) I would be foolish to give up his current location. I’m sure you can all understand.

10) Would you consider yourself Team Miles, Robert or Ryan?

Yes, absolutely! Team THEM, all the way!

11) Becca; she’s a great character and person. Where did you find the inspiration for her?

She has a lot of me in her, or at least the kind of friend I strive to be. To be fair, she is named after one friend, and a mix of me, and several other friends. Daniela needs her just as much as she needs Daniela. That’s how my friendships are. And I tend to run a little on the smart mouthed side. That’s the “me” in her.

12) How did you come up with such diabolical villains?

I have a diabolical helmet. I put it on and sit in my diabolical chair, in my diabolical room, thinking of diabolical villains! I assume this is how everybody does it. >>Okay, if you must know, I pretty much think of the scariest people I can and then disguise them as normal people. Just like in the real world. Except Emily, there’s no disguising her evilness. The reader knows she is bad the moment she walks onto the pages. Sometimes I just cant hide that, and sometimes I don’t want to.

I hope this gives you a glimpse into the mess I call my mind. Feel free to visit my website, and please follow me on Facebook


nat said...

Awesome interview thanks! Never heard of these books before but will def check them out!

Kristi said...

GREAT interview, and I agree, Christi is SOOO like Becca! Or at least she was back in our younger days! :) I am honored to know such a great writer.

CakeLady said...

When I got the first book I stayed up all night...I mean ALL NIGHT reading it..I couldn't put it down..each book leaves you wanting more. Fantastic writer great friend!