Friday, July 15, 2011

Jealousy- Legacy of Love (book 2 in the Thief of Life series: the Chronicles of Daniela) By: Christi Anna. Reviewed by Tianna Scott

Thief Of Life: The Chronicles of Daniela Book Two
By Christi Anna
Format: Ebook
Release Date: April 22nd, 2011


The next chapter in the thrilling Thief of Life series: the Chronicles of Daniela. Haunted by terrifying visions of the cruel killer who nearly claimed her life, Daniela struggles to decipher reality from fiction. One man has pledged his love to her, but if he is not cautious it could prove fatal. Though he’s found a loophole for safety, it proves very strenuous and cant be relied on for long. Because of this, Daniela’s emotional state begins to change and she becomes determined to regain her independence. At the same time she is suddenly stricken with flashes of pain, Jealousy, but not her own. Daniela is willing to love, but can she choose between so many? One mans inability to concede to Daniela along with her stubbornness to choose one love could be the undoing of them all. With danger and seduction lurking around every corner, can true love conquer all, or will it be swallowed up in JEALOUSY?


Well readers! Christi Anna has done it again! With the second installment in her Thief Of Life serious, your better be prepared for a serious emotional roller coaster. Ive fallen even more in love with the characters and, yet again, the villain is a serious threat that has your heart pounding whenever hes near. And to say the heroine is going through more trials in this book would be an understatement! With the memory of her near death haunting her behind every corner, she still has to deal with past guilt, the horrible (or in my opinion FREAKING AWESOME!) love square shes dealing with, and to top it all off shes starting to pick up on her boyfriend’s jealous moments!

I again recommend this book to every! It’s a must read and im positive you will not be disappointed. Her male characters are absolutely delicious, the storyline and plot are amazing and fresh (though occasionally it has a slight twilight feel to it… only from the hot love triangle really) and the heroine, Daniela is very likeable and seems to be slowly losing her mind!

Ill say this again. Thank you to Christi Anna for letting me read her books and I need to apologize to my ereader for nearly ending its life after a certain “battle” towards the end.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, a definite MUST READ for everyone!

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