Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Interview with Jamie Magee

 First I would like to say Welcome to the amazing Jamie Magee and thank you for doing an interview with us! It was such a pleasure working with you!!! Jamie is the author of the amazing books Insight and Embody. I hope that you guys all enjoy the interview!!!

1)          Which character do you most closely relate with??
I love them all so much, but I feel like I can understand Willow the most clearly – I happen to be a Scorpio and we are known for looking calm on the outside and being out of control on the inside. I understand how she can take all that is coming at her and just focus on where she wants to go.
2)          Where were you or when did the idea for INSIGHT first hit you??
I was wrapping Christmas presents! Anytime I do a task that does not evolve any real thought I let my imagination take control and I drift away. I remember stopping as I was cutting the paper and looking up as a scene in Embody came to life…I flashed over that thought throughout the next few days trying to understand who they were and what was wrong. On New Year ’s Eve I made an insane resolution to write a novel (I’d never committed to writing anything before in my life!) I just had to figure out who and what was invading every spare thought I had.
3)          How many books are you planning to write in this series??
This is a very debatable question. I used to think that there would be ten – one for each planet, but as any writer will tell you I have no control over this. This year I had an idea for another novel. I thought it would be a stand alone or a new series, but as it came to life I realized it would merge with the Insight series around book Five – I also figured out instead of creating a simple love triangle I have managed to stumble upon a love ‘web’ I see characters crossing into other books, so….I just don’t know where this will end. I plan to enjoy each conflict it brings my way!

4)          Which one of your characters would you consider doing a spin off series with?
DRAKE J This character has an addictive side of him that I have no doubt will move into another story.*wink*
5)          What inspired you to become an author?
If you have not had one of these moments in your life as of yet I assure you that you will. It’s a moment that’s unexplainable; one that’s so powerful that you know it’s coming from a source that cannot be perceived with the human eye. Before my New Year’s resolution I’d never had a single thought about becoming an author ( to this day I have to look twice when I see ‘author’ near my name simply because it’s so unbelievable) but when I said the words ‘I’m going to write a novel’ I felt the passion and commitment come to life in me. I have no idea how I survived so many years of my life without writing because today it is the air I breathe.
6)          What do you need when you write?? I.E. Certain music… certain foods…
I need headphones and a Red Bull!!
7)          What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Write! When you feel that story don’t let anything (including yourself) stop you from writing it down. Always stay true to yourself and go with what feels right and you can never go wrong.
8)          Who are some of your favorite authors/ What are your favorite books to read?
It’s just too hard to pick one or even a few authors. I will read any genera - most of the books on my shelf have come from friend recommendations. Over the past two years I’ve managed to stick with a lot of nonfiction – reading about the zodiac, energy, auroras, the string theory, dreams ….every topic that I can find that would related to my series.
             9)      A random fact about yourself?
I’m short lol
            10)  Can you give us any hints as to what happens in EMBODY??
Insight is the intro to our main couple Landen and Willow. Embody takes the reader deeper into the life of our antagonist, Drake, and his world Esterious. The conflict in this book forces Willow to take a different point of view of the world around her.
           11)  Are there any personal aspects of your life that are included in the books?? Like someone’s house or car?? Or the way someone looks or talks??
The one that is clear is the town of Franklin. I was raised there and I can only hope that I brought out the beauty I was blessed with as a child. Other elements in the book seemed to be hashed out of everyone I know in my life. In any one character I can see traits and features of several people I know. You never realize how much you notice about the world around you until you began to create a world of your own!

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