Friday, January 13, 2012

Megan Miranda Blog Tour

Nadege, here! So I've had the honors of being a part of Megan's Fracture blog tour, and I truly couldn't be more excited. I'd added her novel onto my 2012 book list since I stumbled upon it on Goodreads, but getting the chance to read an ARC was just great. So in honor of the impending release of Fracture, I will be giving out an ARC copy later this month, along with some swag I've been wanting to give away for awhile! So keep your eye on this blog!

Megan Miranda is also having a release party on her fan page on Facebook where you will actually be able to chat with her and get a chance to win even more awesome swag every hour!

January 16th, guys! Don't miss out! =)

Megan Miranda's Facebook Fan Page

But as for now, here's my review Fracture.


What would you do knowing you had one day to live?

This question flew through my mind as I neared the end of Fracture, and I can’t even begin to explain to you how I would answer. It’s like trying to ponder the meaning of life.  And while it even hurts to think about doing so, Megan Miranda has laid it all out on the table for you in her outstanding debut novel. You really get a sense of how short-lived life really is, even though you hear it more than enough. Fracture was just one of those novels you appreciate—you understand and value—all while losing yourself in characters so stable and loveable, yet crazy and unpredictable.

More than anything, I had a blast reading Fracture. Granted, I couldn’t get through it fast enough! From beginning to end, I was just utterly compelled to read on. My weakness for buddy-love was definitely present—a tear here, a laugh there. Fracture was one of those novels you stay up all night reading when you know you should be in bed asleep. But by the time you get to the end of one chapter and try to coax yourself to put it down, it’s 4 ‘o clock in the morning and you are now finishing up the last chapter.

Megan Miranda will definitely be on my favorite author list this year, and I’m really excited to see what more she has in store for us. She’s an excellent writer and I can’t see a story as remarkable as Fracture ever being conceived without her. I would definitely recommend this book, one hundred and fifty percent.